Come on out and prepare to get active!  Please ensure you have a valid Kilkenny Community League membership  with you.  All registration takes place at Kilkenny Hall located at  14910 – 72 Street NW. Note: If you have registered online it is not complete until you have attended a Kilkenny Registration session IN PERSON. Late fees may apply.

Registration Process

  1. Register online in the EMSA Soccer Portal. If you have played in the last 3 years, you will have an account. New players must create an account (
  2. Print 2 copies of the player summary confirmation and bring them to registration. This printed copy will list all the items to bring to complete the registration. If you can’t print the player summary, then ensure the player summary confirmation email is in your inbox on your mobile device.
  3. Attend the Kilkenny registration session at 14910 – 72 Street to purchase a community membership (A New Membership is required for the Indoor Soccer Season 2019-2020), sign up for a volunteer commitment (or pay out the commitment fee), and pay your registration fees.
  4. Please bring government ID to verify the player’s date of birth.
  5. Proof of address is required – a piece of ID or mail with your Kilkenny address on it.
  6. A signed but undated cheque is required to secure each volunteer service such as casinos, community events, and ENZSA.
  7. Please complete the on-line registration as soon as possible so we can get a general idea of the number of players we have. If you have any problems registering on the soccer portal, there is an instructional video.
  8. If you are wanting to transfer to another community, I advise you to register as early as possible as we have had some communities reject transfers if their programs are full.
  9. Deposits for uniform will be taken at registration. The uniform deposit will be $75.00, cheque’s made payable to Kilkenny Community League and post dated for February 1, 2020.

Just a reminder that you are allowed to play in any community you want but you must first register on-line via your community  and attend your community’s registration session before you can be transferred to the community of your choice.

Information to keep in mind …

  • All  U13 & U19 (Born 2001 to 2007) players MUST have player cards.
  • SHIN PADS ARE MANDATORY for everyone and your socks must cover the shin pad.
  • NO PIERCINGS ALLOWED and no taping of piercings.  They must be removed as per Canadian Soccer Association rules and regulations.
  • Hijabs are allowed at the referee’s discretion.
  • You require black socks (to cover shin pads) and black shorts.
  • OUTDOOR ONLY: Cleats are optional for U5. Cleats are recommended for U7 and up.
  • All city wide players (Xtreme) and U14 & U18 (Born 2000 to 2005) players MUST have player cards.
  • A player can be registered on only one team. You cannot be registered in EMSA and the Edmonton Interdistrict Youth Soccer Association (EIYSA).  No trialist arrangements exist between EMSA and EIYSA, only within north zone EMSA teams.  A trialist can play for a higher tiered team or a higher aged team.  If you are approached by a coach from an EIYSA team (Inter, Strikers, etc.) to play with them for a game/tournament, your child could be suspended.
  • All contact with the zone/EMSA must be done through the Soccer Director. Parents or coaches are not to contact the zone directly.  Any questions or concerns should be directed to Amber Fink at to be brought to the zone’s or EMSA’s attention.
  • We do our best to accommodate player requests, but keep in mind, teams have limits for player maximums. If your request cannot be fulfilled and your child needs to play with another team, we’ll contact you and provide options.

Community Service

Kilkenny Community service policy is one volunteer commitment per child registered to a maximum of three per family, unless subsidized.  The following options will be able available at registration.

  1. All volunteer commitment options will require a signed undated cheque for $250.00 per child per program. If you do not have your volunteer cheque your child will not be registered until that cheque is provided. Late fees may apply.
  2. One volunteer commitment per child per program to a maximum of 3 volunteer commitments per family, unless subsidized.
    • Casino 8-hour shift will be counted as 2 commitments.
    • Casino 4-hour shift will be counted as 1 commitment.
    • Subsidize families will be required to provide proof of qualification at time of registration:
      1. Alberta Child Health Benefit Care
      2. Leisure Access Pass
      3. Social Service Medical Care
      4. ** An additional 2nd commitment per child will be required for families receiving subsidy. **

If allocated commitment is not worked, the cheque will be cashed. If cheque is not cash-able, the member participating in the sports program shall be automatically expelled and no member of the family shall be allowed to register in any Community League Program or be reinstated until such money has been paid to the League.

Types of Volunteer Commitment Possibilities

  • Sport registration duties
  • Zone commitments (Tournaments, Cities, Inter-cities, etc.)
  • Kilkenny events (Halloween party, Christmas party, etc.)
  • Assistance with hall, rink, or grounds clean up
  • Casinos (if available)
  • Pay Out Options ($150.00 per child up to three children)

If you waive your service, you will pay for these options along with your soccer registration fees.

The total amount due for each player will be: fee for the sport program + membership fee + optional community service OR payout option.  This amount can be paid by cash, credit, or debit.  Personal cheques are only accepted for Volunteer Commitment, not payment.

Cheques will be returned when commitment is completed.


Bring your expired Kilkenny Community League Membership card and exchange it for a current card.  A $25.00 charge will be added to your registration cost for your current membership card.  Memberships can be purchased in advance HERE.  Please print your receipt as proof until your card arrives.

Refund Policy

**Any & all approved refunds will be subjected to a $25 administration fee per child. **

  1. TEAM REFUNDS: If Kilkenny Community League has a full roster of players to form a team, but no coach has volunteered, no refunds will be issued. There will be no refunds of volunteer commitments; the expectation is that it will be completed.
  2. TEAM REFUNDS: If Kilkenny Community League is not able to make a full team roster AND the player DOES NOT wish to be transferred to another community league, a full refund will be issued (less the $25 admin fee per child). This refund will include the return of the volunteer commitment cheque.
  3. PLAYER REFUNDS: Any player withdrawing (for any reason) before our third registration date will receive a full refund (less the $25 admin fee per child), including the return of the volunteer commitment cheque.
  4. In the event of an injury, with a medical note, a player may receive a credit (less the $25 admin fee per child) before the fourth game is played. The credit will be pro-rated for games played minus the expenses that the league has accrued for that player.
  5. Parents are responsible to notify the following executive if they have not be notified from the team or coach.

If your child is withdrawing from the Kilkenny soccer program, please email us at so we can arrange for reimbursement.

Community league memberships are not refundable as you need one to play.

Community Service options are not refundable.  Once you have registered, you will be required to fulfill your service whether your child is playing for Club, Kilkenny, or not playing at all, as registering your child means a position on a team is being held.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

Your registration fee will be refunded in full less a $25.00 administrative fee, if we are notified prior to the start of the season.  Once the season starts, refunds will be prorated up to and including DATE and no refunds will be issued after that.  Jerseys must be returned in order to obtain your refund.

Player Cards

All players born from 2001-2007 are required to have a player card.  Please ensure players bring their Birth Certificate, or Alberta Health Card (full name must be on the form), passport or Driver’s license to the carding session.  COACHES – if you are currently coaching and have the player cards please check to see if any cards are expiring before April 2020 and inform your players to obtain replacement cards.

Coach Cards

All coaches must have coach cards.  EMSA will issue stickers to be attached to the cards which will act as your soccer facility pass.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Kilkenny Soccer has a ZERO tolerance policy for inappropriate behaviour from any player, parent and/or member of the coaching staff.  This includes inappropriate behaviour on the field, off the field, leaving the dressing rooms, common area of the centres, parking lot, shopping centre, school or by the use of internet tools to threaten, bully or intimidate anyone in any manner.

If any such incidents occur we will fully cooperate with ENZSA/EMSA and the staff of the soccer centres in supporting their decision, if we feel it necessary to suspend a player, parent and/or member of the coaching staff, we as soccer directors will do so.  EMSA has implemented stiffer penalties for all infractions and there will be no tolerance.  If incidents are repeated, then that player, parent and/or member of the coaching staff will not welcomed back to Kilkenny Soccer.  There is no room for poor sportsmanship in Kilkenny.  Every parent, player and coach will be required to electronically acknowledge the Code of Conduct during the online registration process.


If you are interested in coaching please contact  We are occasionally short coaches, especially in the younger age groups.  PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL NEW COACHES MUST FILL OUT A SECURITY CLEARANCE (NO CHARGE TO THE COACH) WHICH IS GOOD FOR THREE YEARS.  All coaches must take an age appropriate coaching course which will be reimbursed by Kilkenny Soccer.  Course dates and locations are still being finalized. Please visit EMSA’s website (click HERE) for more information.

Supporting Our Coaches

Coaching is a very rewarding experience, but it is also a big responsibility, very time consuming and not meant to be a one-person job.  Please help your coach by first, respecting their expectations (from arrival times for practices and games, to attitude and effort on and off the field).  The coaches put a lot of preparation and time into games and practices, and it can be challenging at moments.  It is essential to remember coaches are volunteers, dedicating their time to be an important part of your child’s life.  Please treat all the individuals who are a part of your child’s soccer life (coaches, managers, referees), with the support and respect you would want in the same situation.  Second, if your coach asks for help (ex: team manager, a phoning parent, an equipment parent, a snack parent, etc.) … please help! This allows him/her to focus on your children, and their development in soccer, both as athletes and team members.

If you have any team or coaching concerns please have consideration for your coach.  Approaching a coach directly after a game, especially a close game, is not the best option.  Ask your coach when the best time is to bring up suggestions, concerns or questions.  Note: This is where a parent liaison or a team manager can be very useful.

Soccer is a team sport and the best way to teach the players the team concept, is through modeling by the coaching staff and parents.  We are out their representing our children, so let’s make them proud by working together as a team.  Lead by example!!

For more information, please click HERE to be redirected to EMSA’s website. If you have any questions, please contact  Thank you and see you at registration.  As in the past, you will receive a quicker response by email.