If you are looking for fun, inclusive, affordable and community driven soccer you are in the right place!  This outdoor season we are bringing you soccer for your kids aged 4-15 at the low season cost of $200 or less! That’s right, no age category will pay more than $200 for the WHOLE season soccer fees. No hidden fees, no tricks and no added costs halfway through.

Grab your black shorts, your soccer socks and shin guards, and your shoes/cleats and let’s get ready for an amazing season! Our registration information is coming out later this week!

  • CGSA partners with KidSport and Jumpstart because cost should never be a barrier in sports
  • If you have a child who is just outside these ages and looking to play message us as we review exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

CSGA 2024 Outdoor Soccer Tournament

Scheduled for Saturday, June 8th, 2024.
Further details to be provided in the Spring.

Outdoor Registration

Volunteer Commitment

During Sports Registration,  you have 2 options to fulfill your volunteer commitment to Kilkenny Community League.  This volunteer commitment assists Kilkenny with raising funds to maintain the hall and to run programs.  Volunteer commitment options are non-refundable, regardless if your child plays or not.  There are no exceptions to this (injury & illness included).  There are 2 ways for you to fulfill your community service commitment:

Option #1 – Work
Sign up to work a casino, a tournament, a community event, or assist with hall/grounds clean-up projects.  You will need to provide an undated signed cheque addressed to “Kilkenny Community League” in the amount of $200.

The date and time of your commitment is written on the registration form.  You are responsible for noting the date and time and ensuring you attend.  It is your responsibility to know when and where your work option is taking place.  You cannot make up missed work options.  Your cheque is returned to you when the volunteer commitment is complete.  If you fail to show up, your cheque will be cashed.  Any bounced cheque will result in a $30 fee assessed.  If you do not pay out your missed work option, plus the NSF fee, your child will be withdrawn from the sports program and you will not be able to register in any Kilkenny sports program until the amount is paid in full.

Options #2 – Pay-Out
If you are unable to commit to any of the work options, you have the choice to pay out the commitments.  It is $200 per child.

Questions about this policy can be directed to